How to account for uncertainties in engineering structures?

Actions on structures such as wind, earthquake and machinery vibrations, as well as the capacity of structural elements, the material properties, and the geometry of a structure are typically not known with certainty. STRUREL can account for all types of uncertainties and offers a powerful tool set for setting up probabilistic models of engineering structures/systems.


Download the largely extended demo version of STRUREL 2024 today! See how to visualize results using interface built-in plotting facilities or additional libraries such as Gnuplot, matplotlib, tkinter, ggplot2 and more. Test our efficient implementation of state-of-the-art methods for structural safety.

Probabilistic analysis via structural reliability methods is the answer!

Our software product STRUREL is the indispensable tool for working with probabilistic models. STRUREL allows to efficiently assess the risk/reliability associated with engineering structures/systems - even if the underlying engineering model is computationally expensive to evaluate. STRUREL was founded at the Technische Universität München (TUM) and has been developed and tested for more than 30 years.

News & Announcements
How to employ Monte Carlo simulation in COMREL?
After a brief overview of Monte Carlo simulation (MCS) for structural reliability, we explain the details of conducting a MCS in COMREL.
What is STRUREL?
STRUREL is a collection of software modules for probabilistic modeling in structural engineering. It offers state-of-the-art numerical methods for structural reliability analysis.
How to employ a MATLAB limit state function in STRUREL?
We recorded a short tutorial video on how to integrate a MATLAB script as limit state function into STRUREL to perform a structural reliability analysis.
How to employ a Python limit state function in STRUREL?
Integrating a Python model into a reliability analysis is very straightforward in STRUREL. We explain the basic steps using a simple toy example.

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